Research and Development

“You have a problem, which can’t be solved by a standard solution. Come to us, we solve your problem according to your needs and optimize the respective process”. Many of our developments became patents.


Excerpt of patents

Fully automated film reel changer

Packaging equipment using flat film or tubular film can change the reel without any time consumption by using our changing equipment. The fully automated changer (splicer) changes the reel in less than one minute. The main fields are FFS systems and pallatizers using head stretch foils. (Press release, German only)

Automated Train loading equipment

To load single rolls/coils of product, it was necessary to load manually one by one. The problem is the roundness of the product (e.g. rolls of isolation, packaging material etc.). Standard conveyors will not transport balls or round product without specialized belts. We run a combination of flexible conveyor and linear axe conveyor, to keep the belt in a permanent horizontal position. The outcome is a productivity increase of nearly 50%.

Recuperation of pickling acid

Pickling, based on HCL is used for the Zn Process of steel parts. Together with the Montanuniversity, a permanent partner, we developed a recuperation plant for pickling acid, based on HCL. Specially for medium and small sized companies, this system is an alternative to big recuperation plants based on osmosis. The system recuperates without producing waste, that means environmental friendly. 60% of the acid can be used again, the other 40% is divided into reusable products and H 2O vapor.